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Bikini Bottoshire was a kingdom and name of Bikini Bottom during medieval times. The kingdom was ruled by King Krabs and was constantly plagued by schemes from the evil wizard, Planktonamor. Bikini Bottomshire only appears in "Dunces and Dragons."


Bikini Bottomshire looked like a stereotypical medieval town, with a large castle where King Krabs and Princess Pearl resided, a village that surrounded the castle, and also contained the Ye Olde Bowling Alley. Outside the town there is a massive swaft of farmland, where SpongeBob and Patrick land when they travel back in time. The town also contains Planktonamor's Tower.

Role in series

King Krabs enlists the help of SpongeBob and Patrick to defeat Planktonamor, and knights them as Sir SpongeBob and Sir Patrick. The town is also partially destroyed by the Dragon Jellyfish. SpongeBob and Patrick also are accompanied by Squidly Tentacles and the Dark Knight who help stop the Dragon Jellyfish and save Princess Pearl from Planktonamor.