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Bubble Buddy is a living bubble, who was created by SpongeBob in the episode "Bubble Buddy."

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 He was at first thought to just be an inanimate object, but when he was about to be popped by Squidward, he showed he was actually alive by grabbing Squidward's wrist, which surprised everyone else (besides SpongeBob who knew he was alive the entire time). Bubble Buddy also has a son and brother, his son is named Shiny Bubble, and had a large apperance in the episode "Bubble Buddy Returns," while Bubble Buddy himself only had a minor apperance in the episode.

As well Bubble Buddy was known to accidentally cause trouble in his first apperance, as he had done many things to make almost the entire city of Bikini Bottom wanting him popped. The things that he did such as: at the Krusty Krab he forced Squidward to remake the Krabby Patty many times. According to SpongeBob, Bubble Buddy is lactose intolerant, and because of this, drinks shampoo instead of soda. He also prefers no crust, pickles to the left, four squirts of ketchup, wheat buns, non-deli lettuce, and farm raised tomatoes; carnival style, and at some point before eating requires a massage. He also fails to pay for the meal, paying in "Bubble money", which is not real and quickly pops which makes Mr. Krabs angry. Later on, at Goo Lagoon, SpongeBob and Bubble Buddy continue to make trouble.

SpongeBob leaves Bubble Buddy with Scooter, who is buried up to his head in the sand, saying that he will unbury him, but doesn't and Scooter drowns when the high tide comes.

When Bubble Buddy "has to go to the bathroom", SpongeBob leaves him in the bathroom for about two hours, making everyone else wait making them angry. While dancing with Bubble Buddy, SpongeBob inadvertently insults the other dancing beach-goers by saying "shake that bubble butt", which the people take as calling them fat. When Bubble Buddy shakes Pearl's hand, which had just been dirtied by Grubby Grouper, making her never wanting to wash it again, it is though cleaned off.

After all these incidents, an angry mob is formed, who surround SpongeBob and Bubble Buddy. Just as he is about to be popped by a needle, Bubble Buddy suddenly becomes alive, much to the shock of the people (except for SpongeBob), and decides to leave, saying that "things are getting a little weird around here." A bubble taxi then picks him up and he leaves with a suitcase and disappears into the sky. He then says, "Happy Leif Erickson Day!," to SpongeBob. Nobody seemed to mind that Bubble Buddy left as they agreed that this is still okay for all of them.