"Bubblestand" is an episode from season 1. In this episode, SpongeBob opens a bubble business.


SpongeBob opens his door to find everything is peaceful. So he takes the oppertunity to begin building. Halfway through Squidward opens his window and shouts at him for being too loud so SpongeBob taps quietly. This takes to long so he tries to build really fast so he woudn't notice. When he is done Squidward comes out to scald him but he is done so he doesn't. SpongeBob tells him that he making money from bubbleblowing. Squidward thinks it's dumb but Patrick loves the idea.

Squidward heads inside to paly his clarinet while Patrick and SpongeBob are blowing bubbles. Patrick fails to blow a bubble so SpongeBob decides to sell lessons too. After a long demonstraition using a special technique SpongeBob blows a work of art like butterflies and elephants. A bubble elephant enters Squidward house popping and making a huge noise. This makes Squidward head to the bubblestand to scald SpongeBob for the 3rd time.

SpongeBob closes the stand to avoid trouble but Squidward is mad but also confused at how they make so much noise. SpongeBob and Patrick show them the technique. Squidward has had enough and sends the two inside. 

Squidward tries to have a go but SpongeBob and Patrick enter like magic. Squidward gives in and pays 25 cents. Squidward fails to blow a bubble even with SpongeBob's and Patrick's shouting the technique. Squidward is annoyed by the noise and decides to make fun of them. He does the technique and begins to shout. The shouting makes a massive bubble. Everyone including Squidward is proud for his work.

SpongeBob and Patrick start chanting his name while Squidward plays his clarinet. The bubble reappears and grabs Squidward's house causing it to be inside the bubble. The house floats up with Squidward inside. SpongeBob and Patrick shout but he can't hear them. When it reaches the surface it pops and Squidward's house comes crashing down. SpongeBob and Patrick nervously enter their houses. Squidward plays a sad tune while the screen cuts to black.


SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick Star

Squidward Tentacles


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