"Chocolate with Nuts" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season three. In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick sell chocolate bars to make money.


Plot synopsisEdit

SpongeBob, after getting a magazine in the mail that was meant for Squidward called "Fancy Living Digest" wants to live the high life himself. After trying to figure out something that him and Patrick could sell, Patrick suggests Chocolate bars, so SpongeBob decides they'll become traveling chocolate bar salesmen.

When they start selling their chocolate bars at first, no one is willing to buy them. The first fish they visit, Tom, goes insane when he hears they're selling chocolate and just starts screaming "CHOCOLATE!" and follows them around.

Afterwards, they are conned out of all their money by a guy who sells them "Candy bar carrying bags". SpongeBob then go to the next building, and are swindled by the same con man, this time selling "Candy bar bag carrying bags".

At the next house, a women named Sadie wants to buy a chocolate bar, but SpongeBob kept zippering the candy bar bags only to find more bags, she grows impatient, and slams the door in their faces. After SpongeBob finds one, Tom finds them and chases them.

They decide to be nice to their customers. However, Patrick ruins it, by doing weird stuff such as saying "I love you," to one fish, and freaking out another with his eyes.

They then decide to stretch the truth, by saying things like "it'll make you live longer," and "you'll rule the world!" They visit a guy, who has everything in him broken. They feel bad for him, so they buy chocolate from him. It turns out, he was the con man again. Tom then finds them, and offers to buy all of their chocolate.

They then rent the eating place "Fancy", for a night, and date two women from earlier.



"Chocolate With Nuts" is routinely ranked among the best SpongeBob episodes ever, mostly due to it's laugh out loud humor and the clever writing which says a lot about capitalism and U.S. economics.

Tom Kenny ranked it #12 on his list of his 20 favorite SpongeBob episodes.


The episode is available on the complete Season 3 box set.

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