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The French Narrator is a live-action human who narrates in some episodes and physically appears in the episodes "No Free Rides" and "Feral Friends" as well as the book Crime and Funishment.

Role in series

He often is a narrator for opening scenes of episodes or for time cards. The French Narrator is first heard in the opening scene of the pilot episode "Help Wanted." His first physical appearance is in "No Free Rides" when SpongeBob is doing his driver's test and hits him, revealing him to have a camera and qearing scuba gear. He also has a major role in "Feral Friends", where he helps Sandy in figuring out what Neptune's Moon is. In this episode, he appears in a submarine with a diving suit.


In "No Free Rides" he is wearing black scuba gear. In "Feral Friends" he wears a gold and beige diving suit with a red beanie on top.