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I'm With Stupid is a season 2 episode. In this episkdee, SpongeBob acts stupid to impress Patrick's parents


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Plot Synopsis

SpongeBob, hoping to go jellyfishing with Patrick, finds him frantically cleaning up his home. In distress, Patrick informs SpongeBob that the following day is Starfish Day and his mother and father are planning to visit. Patrick reveals that his

I'm with stupid letter7 parents consider him to be quite unintelligent, and he can't bring himself to face their condescension. SpongeBob then offers to act like a fool so Patrick's parents will see their son as comparatively smarter.

The next day, Patrick's parents arrive. Patrick shows them inside his house, where they proceed to treat him like a child. SpongeBob soon makes his entrance, wearing his karate helmet to look more foolish and acting in a crazy manner. As Patrick's parents look upon SpongeBob's antics, they start to give Patrick a lot more credit for keeping his supposedly stupid friend in check.

At dinner, Patrick begins to lob personal insults at SpongeBob for his parents' amusement, which annoys SpongeBob. He brings Patrick to the kitchen to talk. As it turns out, Patrick has begun to forget that SpongeBob is only pretending to be an idiot, now believing himself to truly be the smart one.

I'm with the dummy "Patrick, I get the feeling that you think I really am dumb!" SpongeBob confesses to Patrick's parents that he is not really a dummy and was only behaving like one so that they would appreciate Patrick more. This also fails, as Patrick's parents think that Patrick taught SpongeBob how to mimic basic skills such as talking in complete sentences. Their laughter brings SpongeBob to the breaking point, driving him to crash through the wall in Patrick's house to get out.

Patrick's parents commend Patrick on his newfound intelligence, revealing each other to be named Janet and Marty. Patrick, confused and outraged, demands to know who these strangers are. All of a sudden, Squidward comes to Patrick's house with two other starfish, who have been asking him for Patrick all day. Patrick happily recognizes the starfish couple as his real parents, and they are happy to see him as well, especially with his pants on. Janet and Marty then remember that they don't even have a son and leave Patrick to share a laugh with his real family, just as the rock slams shut.

Fun Facts

  • It is ironic that Marty and Janet don't remember that Patrick isn't their son.