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"Jellyfish Jam" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season one. It aired on August 28, 1999. In this episode, SpongeBob brings home a jellyfish.


Spongebob's Got a Jellyfish and he brings home For a dance Party DJ Rubble's Here and More Jellyfish in the House Rubble Calls Ryder Ryder Calls Rubble about Jellyfish in the house and need to bring back to Jellyfish feilds Pups to the Lookout Marshall catch the jellyfish and long way up Chase said Ready for Action Ryder Sir Ryder saw Jellyfish all over the Spongebob's House Pups says Oh No Mission I need Skye Use Helicopter to Bring Jellyfish back To Jellyfish Fields Chase need use your megaphone to Dance to the Jellyfish and Zuma use your hovercraft to bring Jellyfish Home and so Ryder Chase Skye and Zuma heading towards Jellyfish Feilds No Jellyfishes and to Spongebob's House Spongebob Ryder thanks for coming we gotta get rid of the Jellyfish home to Jellyfish Fields chase Knows bring jellyfish home to following the music and Zuma bring to the Jellyfish Home and Squidward needs your Help Backups on the way Marshall use your ladder to bring Squidward Down from the roof Zuma bring Jellyfish Home Skye Saw Jellyfish Fields Sign and Almost Home and the Pups Made it to Jellyfish Fields and Jellyfish Home and is Happy again Marshall use his ladder to get Squidward down from the Roof and Squidward says You Saved Me and your Dance Party again with Spongebob