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Junior is a baby scallop that appears in the episode "Rock-a-bye Bivalve." He was adopted by SpongeBob and Patrick until he could learn to fly.


He looks like any other scallop, with a purple shell. However, he is notably smaller and wears a diaper after Patrick puts one on him at one point.

Role in series

He plays a major role in his only episode appearance, "Rock-a-bye Bivalve" where he is adopted by SpongeBob and Patrick. He eventually learns to fly and leaves them.


He is shown to practically dislike all food except for worms, as SpongeBob and Patrick offered him a Krabby Patty, doughnut, and french fries. SpongeBob then offered an apple with a worm in it, and he eats the worm. He also eats ice cream with worms in it as well.