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Kevin C. Cucumber is a former leader of the Jellyspotters and villain of the episode "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic." It is revealed in the episode Kevin enjoys making fun of and antagonizing his fans. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who also voiced Prince Aragon in Danny Phantom, Squilliam Fancyson, Bubble Bass, and Perch Perkins.


After SpongeBob meets him, straight from the get-go it is shown Kevin enjoys seeing what SpongeBob will do for him and how far it will go; to the point SpongeBob even jumps off a building. The Jellyspotters are seen simply following what Kevin does and enjoying the things SpongeBob will do just as much as he does. After SpongeBob shows he actually has potential he increasingly begins to get angered that SpongeBob is not being harmed from the countless jellyfish he catches. Eventually Kevin and the Jellyspotters resort to using a robotic Queen Jellyfish to harm SpongeBob, but the robot attracts the attwntion of the King Jellyfish and after SpongeBob uses bubble pie to get rid of the King, the Jellyspotters declare SpongeBob the new leader and rip Kevin's "crown", thus ousting him from the Jellyspotters.


Kevin is a green sea cucumber that, similarly to how SpongeBob resembles a cleaning sponge instead of a sea sponge, Kevin resembles a cucumber rather than a sea cucumber. Kevin wears large black-rimmed glasses with plain brown shorts and white and black shoes. Kevin also has yellow hair that looks like a crown, as it was revealed in the end of the episode it was actually a part of him and not an object he was wearing.