Astrology with Squidward - Leo

"Leo" is an Astrology with Squidward short. In this short, Squidward talks about the Zodiac sign Leo.


The short begins with Squidward playing his clarinet. Squidward then proceeds to talk about the sign Leo and a picture of Plankton in a lion outfit is seen. He explains that the Leo is the sign of the lion and he claims that a Leo's voice is as pleasant as a dental drill and he suggests that if anyone has a Leo in their family, they should move out or buy earmuffs. He claims that Leos usually grow up to be junior high school vice-principals. He claims that his predictions for Leo will be that in 12 months everyone they know will be a year older. He then finishes with him saying he's Squidward, the Nicktoons astrologist and he claims that his power is as real as any psychics, and states that he is a cartoon. Then he plays his clarinet, ending the short.
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