Welcome to the SpongeBob Galaxy chat
   Road Runner1 has joined the chat.
   9:00 Nicko756 Hi.
   9:00 Riku KH hi..
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   9:01 Dirtydan3 Wow the chat looks nice
   never seen it before
   So who are we missing?
   9:02 Road Runner1 Hmm...
   Catswar has joined the chat.
   9:02 Road Runner1 but i'm not sure if he'll come even
   9:02 Catswar Hey
   9:02 Auron~Guardian One thing i think we need to reconsider is the number of admins we have,
   9:03 Dirtydan3 Well I never said I wanted jezz to come
   9:03 Catswar No
   9:03 Dirtydan3 Catswar we're having a meeting right now
   9:03 Nicko756 Random Pony1, Trevor
   9:03 Road Runner1 Auron, we already have enough, we're not promoting anyone else now
   9:03 Auron~Guardian okay
   9:03 Dirtydan3 Yes enough admins for right now, I can barely keep track as is
   So is everyone ready for the meeting to begin?
   9:04 Auron~Guardian so shall i lock jezzes request?
   9:04 Road Runner1 yes
   we'll end it early
   9:05 Dirtydan3 I don't think he should be an admin right now anyway
   9:05 Riku KH yeah..
   he scares me
   9:06 Dirtydan3 Okay so I want to start the meeting by making sure everyone knows what the objectives of this OG are and why it was made.
   We'll get to jezz's situation eventually.
   So the objective of this group is to make improvements, and start massive projects, as fast as possible.
   I'm gonna go over some of these improvements and projects as we go along, and ask for everyone's input.
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   9:08 Catswar Good idea
   9:08 Jacktheguy5 Hi guys.
   9:08 Dirtydan3 Hello Jack.
   9:08 Jacktheguy5 It's been a while since we talked.
   Since I talked to you.
   9:08 Dirtydan3 lol
   9:08 Road Runner1 we're having a meeting right now Jack
   9:08 Catswar Yep
   9:08 Jacktheguy5 Oh sorry, am I disturbing?
   9:08 Road Runner1 no
   9:09 Jacktheguy5 Ok.
   9:09 Dirtydan3 Jack just don't interrupt, you can say things though.
   9:09 Nicko756 I think Jack should be a chat mod. We have none now.
   9:09 Road Runner1 yes
   SummerSpongefan20 has made Jacktheguy5 a chat moderator.
   9:09 Jacktheguy5 Thanks :D
   How about an Admin?
   9:09 Road Runner1 No.
   9:09 Auron~Guardian no we have enough
   9:09 Road Runner1 We have enough right now
   9:09 Dirtydan3 Well I was gonna go over who should be chat mod but thats fine for now.
   Hold your horses.
   9:09 Road Runner1 and you must have been on this wiki for at least 5 days
   9:09 Dirtydan3 Alright let me finish here guys.
   where was I?
   9:10 Road Runner1 look above
   9:10 Jacktheguy5 Okay, I don't want to interrupt, so bye
   9:10 Road Runner1 you're not
   9:10 Nicko756 Bye
   9:10 Dirtydan3 Jack don't leave, you can stay, just let me talk.
   Once you meet the requirements and we start accepting new admin requests you can apply for that,
   9:11 Nicko756 Jezz's request was unsuccesful?
   Jacktheguy5 has left the chat.
   9:11 Dirtydan3 or leave
   Ok I really want to get started now.
   9:12 Road Runner1 Nicko PM
   9:12 Catswar Can we start
   9:12 Dirtydan3 Please
   9:12 Road Runner1 yes we can
   9:13 Dirtydan3 So I will say the topic/issue
   Then you guys will respond with your input/ideas
   Then I'll close it with what I think should be done etc.
   Auron will also bring up topics related to tech stuff
   Theres at least 6 topics I want to discuss, most of which are already in the wanted pages section
   Everyone clear?
   9:14 Road Runner1 yes
   9:14 Catswar Yeah
   9:14 Auron~Guardian yes
   9:14 Nicko756 Yes
   9:15 Dirtydan3 summer, riku?
   9:15 Auron~Guardian riku is afk
   it says away
   9:15 Dirtydan3 okay then
   9:15 Nicko756 Let's start
   9:15 Auron~Guardian and summer doesn't talk
   9:16 Dirtydan3 why not?
   9:16 Auron~Guardian IDK
   ask him
   9:16 Dirtydan3 He talks to me
   9:16 Nicko756 And me
   9:16 Road Runner1 and me
   he usaully only talk in private messages
   9:16 Catswar Can we start the meeting
   9:16 Nicko756 ^
   9:16 Auron~Guardian well don't pm during the meeting
   9:16 Dirtydan3 Okay regardless, the first topic is pretty straightforward.
   We need to reach 200 pages so we can apply for wikia spotlight.
   Any questions/input?
   9:17 Nicko756 They will probably think this wiki is a knockoff of ESB.
   9:18 Auron~Guardian so?
   9:18 Road Runner1 Mhm
   9:18 Dirtydan3 I don't think that's for them to decide
   9:18 Auron~Guardian who cares what esb thinks
   9:18 Dirtydan3 Is there something you fill out for it?
   9:18 Road Runner1 yes
   9:18 Nicko756 I'm talking about the wikia spotlight
   9:18 Catswar I would be great for wikia spotlight
   9:18 Dirtydan3 Well we'll say why we are different from ESB
   9:19 Catswar Great idea
   9:20 Dirtydan3 So that is our main priority right now, applying for spotlight. Any further input on this topic?
   9:20 Nicko756 Yes
   9:20 Auron~Guardian sounds good
   9:21 Dirtydan3 Nicko?
   9:21 Catswar We need to be on wikia spotlight.
   9:21 Nicko756 We need at least one key thing that differentiates ESB from SBG.
   9:21 Dirtydan3 Thats gonna be our best bet attracting new users fast
   Nicko, that's gonna be a main topic
   9:22 Auron~Guardian well we allow underage users for one
   another thing is our logo
   it is unique
   9:22 Road Runner1 indeed
   9:23 SummerSpongefan20 lol
   it's against the terms of use to allow underage users anyway
   9:23 Auron~Guardian so
   get over it
   9:23 Dirtydan3 I don't think that should apply on a SPONGEBOB wiki
   9:23 Road Runner1 ^
   9:23 Dirtydan3 or anything about a kids show
   9:23 Auron~Guardian yes
   9:24 Dirtydan3 Ok we're gonna move on here.
   9:24 Auron~Guardian ok
   9:24 Nicko756 Okay
   9:24 Dirtydan3 The next topic is something that will help us differentiate ourselves, and also improve the wiki.
   We need to make the wiki better looking.
   9:25 Nicko756 Yes
   9:25 Auron~Guardian well we have the two points i made
   9:25 Dirtydan3 It's too plain looking and mundane
   9:25 Road Runner1 >and also improve the wiki. We aleady have OG.
   9:25 Nicko756 Infoboxes and tabbers should be different from ESB.
   9:25 Dirtydan3 We need to spruce up the looks of the wiki is what I'm saying.
   9:25 Auron~Guardian I can design something for the navbar
   like on
   9:26 Road Runner1 Auron you may as well should.
   9:26 Dirtydan3 That means make infoboxes for most every page
   9:26 Nicko756 Hold on.
   9:26 Dirtydan3 Auron that would be great
   Everything needs to be colorful and pleasing to look at, but also different from ESB. That's a big challenge I'm tasking you guys with.
   So, any ideas?
   9:28 Road Runner1 well we have Auron's idea
   9:29 Auron~Guardian and maybe the tabs and infoboxes should be a different colour
   9:29 Nicko756 When creating articles, I don't think we should create articles for minor things such as minor characters. We should start with creating articles for major topics related to SpongeBob, and branch out from there.
   9:29 Auron~Guardian ESB uses yellow
   Dirtydan3 has left the chat.
   9:29 Road Runner1 Blue?
   9:29 Auron~Guardian maybe deep blue like navy
   so it looks better
   with white text
   9:30 Nicko756 What about sky blue
   Dirtydan3 has joined the chat.
   9:30 Road Runner1 I may be able to add in the blue
   9:30 Auron~Guardian but it can't be neon blue
   9:30 Dirtydan3 jeez Im sorry guys my computer switched to airplane mode for some reason
   9:30 Auron~Guardian neon blue is painful on eyes
   9:31 Dirtydan3 Nicko I agree with what you said about the characters.
   i think blue infoboxes would work well, a light blue, with black text.
   9:31 Road Runner1 okay sky blue or navy blue?
   I can do either colors
   9:31 Dirtydan3 Sky blue
   9:32 Nicko756 We are already creating articles for extremely minor topics such as Ed Star.
   9:32 Dirtydan3 Dark blue wouldn't work with dark text.
   9:32 Nicko756 I prefer sky blue
   9:32 Road Runner1 Auron said with White text
   9:32 Dirtydan3 It's ok to do that as long as we do big articles at the same time.
   9:32 Road Runner1 okay...
   9:32 Dirtydan3 No white text would look ugly
   9:32 Road Runner1 I'll test both colors okay?
   9:32 Auron~Guardian okay
   9:33 Dirtydan3 go ahead
   Also I think we need to change the background.
   Look at ESB for inspiration, it should be multiple pictures
   9:33 Auron~Guardian um why?
   9:33 Road Runner1 Well...I dunno how they do that
   9:34 Auron~Guardian i thought we were different from esb
   9:34 Dirtydan3 Because it looks better than just one picture 50 times
   I'm just saying for INSPIRATION
   9:34 Road Runner1 Again..I don't know how to make it one big pic
   9:34 Dirtydan3 Well maybe someone else does
   9:34 Road Runner1 I think Nicko does though
   9:34 Nicko756 Hmm?
   9:34 SummerSpongefan20 wat
   9:35 Auron~Guardian i know how to do it
   9:35 SummerSpongefan20 if you made that pic normal size, it would be blurry as hell
   9:35 Auron~Guardian not with the right tools
   9:35 Nicko756 I can do it.
   Jacktheguy5 has joined the chat.
   9:35 Dirtydan3 Auron I think you should find other pictures to do it with and post them on our walls
   9:35 Auron~Guardian i have a program that solves the blurry picture problem
   9:35 Nicko756 What program
   9:36 Auron~Guardian okay
   9:36 Road Runner1 Nicko should too
   9:36 Dirtydan3 Too see which one looks best for the background
   9:36 Nicko756 A background contest
   9:36 Dirtydan3 Yes
   9:36 Jacktheguy5 Hi.
   9:37 Road Runner1 hi
   9:37 Jacktheguy5 Is the meeting done?
   9:37 Dirtydan3 Remember guys, just because we're trying to differentiate ourselves from Esb doesn't mean we can't take notes from what they are doing
   9:37 Nicko756 Hi
   9:37 Dirtydan3 No
   9:37 Road Runner1 @ jack no.
   9:37 Jacktheguy5 Ok, sorry I interupted, Send me a message when you are done.
   9:37 Road Runner1 You don't have to go.
   9:37 Dirtydan3 Jack yknow you can stay
   9:37 Road Runner1 you may stay if you want
   9:38 Dirtydan3 Ok anyways...
   Jacktheguy5 has left the chat.
   9:39 Dirtydan3 I think the background, nav bar, and info boxes are a good start.
   9:39 Road Runner1 yes
   9:39 Dirtydan3 Also I clicked on the random wiki page today
   and it took me a place called the "Charmed wiki"
   9:40 Road Runner1 ok
   don't go off topic please
   9:40 Nicko756 ^
   9:40 Dirtydan3 Now I have no clue what its about, but they gave me an idea eoad
   9:40 Road Runner1 Which is...?
   9:40 Dirtydan3 I'm leading the chat I'm not going off topic lol
   Anyway, their logo blends seamlessly into the main page.
   So I was thinking that we give the main page the dark background of the logo, so it flows seamlessly.
   9:42 Road Runner1 Ehhh...
   9:42 Nicko756 Doesn't seem "SpongeBobby" at all.
   9:42 Auron~Guardian i agree nicko
   9:43 Catswar No it doesn't
   9:43 Road Runner1 It doesn't seem much like a godd idea...I think the looks o this wiki is fine as it is for right now
   9:43 Auron~Guardian yes
   9:43 Dirtydan3 Okay nevermind then.
   9:43 Catswar Yep
   9:43 Auron~Guardian okay
   9:44 Dirtydan3 I gotta let my dog out real quick so stay on this topic brb
   9:44 Auron~Guardian there is no topic......
   9:44 Nicko756 We are talking about the background.
   9:44 Dirtydan3 the topic of the wikis looks
   Auron you can bring about stuff about the tech of the website too
   TrevorOntario719 has joined the chat.
   9:45 Nicko756 Hello Trevor
   9:45 TrevorOntario719 yeah the background needs some work
   9:45 Auron~Guardian what if wee made jellyfish on the sides like how esb has the spongebob faces
   9:45 Road Runner1 What?
   I understand now
   SuperFanon'D! has joined the chat.
   9:46 Road Runner1 Sounds like a good idea
   9:46 Nicko756 Hi
   9:46 TrevorOntario719 (hi)
   damn it
   9:46 Catswar Hey
   9:47 Auron~Guardian nicko you could add some emotes
   9:47 Dirtydan3 okay I'm back
   9:47 Nicko756 I will later.
   9:47 Auron~Guardian okay
   9:47 Dirtydan3 Hey Trevor
   Auron I like your idea of the jellyfish
   But it should be different jellyfish though
   9:48 TrevorOntario719 anyone knows a good picture to replace the stars in chat
   i was thinking neptunes crown
   9:49 Auron~Guardian trevor not now
   9:49 Dirtydan3 Wel esb has krabby patties so not that
   9:49 Nicko756 Jellyfish
   9:49 Auron~Guardian yess
   9:49 TrevorOntario719 i geuss jellyfish will work
   9:49 Auron~Guardian i can add that
   9:49 Nicko756 This chat can be jellyfish fields.
   9:49 Dirtydan3 Our wiki seems really jellyfish oriented so that would make sense lol
   9:49 TrevorOntario719 yeah
   9:49 Auron~Guardian I'll set that up
   9:49 Nicko756 Okay
   9:49 Road Runner1 Okay i'm working on changing the template colors right now
   its gonna be in sky blue btw
   9:50 Dirtydan3 good
   9:50 Nicko756 Okay
   9:50 TrevorOntario719 Lets's make background music play while you explore the wiki
   9:50 Dirtydan3 Is that even possible?
   9:50 SummerSpongefan20 yes
   but that's a horrible idea
   9:50 Nicko756 How?
   9:51 Auron~Guardian i agree it's horable
   9:51 Dirtydan3 Well I think the Spongebob theme would add a nice touch
   9:51 Auron~Guardian but i have the thing set up already
   9:51 Nicko756 The Krusty Krab theme can play.
   9:51 Dirtydan3 not the theme song, the ambient music.
   9:51 Auron~Guardian on my userpage
   we can have it so it plays only if clicked
   9:51 Dirtydan3 Like I don't know if any of you have any sb dvd's but music like that
   9:52 Auron~Guardian but it shouldn't play by defult
   9:52 Nicko756 Where will it be located.
   9:52 Auron~Guardian on the main page
   9:52 Dirtydan3 It should be somewhere noticeable on the main page
   9:52 Nicko756 Okay
   9:52 Dirtydan3 But not big and intrusive
   or "in your face"
   9:53 Auron~Guardian look at my userpage
   9:53 Nicko756 It it possible to have it in chat?
   9:53 Dirtydan3 Just like an option on the side
   9:53 Auron~Guardian no
   9:53 Nicko756 Okay
   9:53 Dirtydan3 Alright we're making some good progress here you guys
   9:54 Nicko756 I agree.
   9:54 Dirtydan3 Anymore ideas for now about the looks?
   9:55 SuperFanon'D! yes
   9:55 Auron~Guardian why are you here
   9:55 SuperFanon'D! FIZIKZ
   thats y
   9:55 Nicko756 ??
   9:55 SuperFanon'D! lol
   9:55 Dirtydan3 what?
   9:56 SuperFanon'D! I hail from SBFW
   9:56 Auron~Guardian well if youre going to troll get out
   9:56 SuperFanon'D! a mightier wiki than this at one time
   9:56 Road Runner1 We know you're from SBFW
   9:56 Dirtydan3 This is a meeting
   9:56 Auron~Guardian Yes
   9:56 SuperFanon'D! Road Runner1? Oh yeah you.
   9:56 Auron~Guardian you are being disruptive
   please stop
   SuperFanon'D! has been kicked by Nicko756.
   9:56 Dirtydan3 Ok good
   9:57 Road Runner1 yay our first vandal :P
   and troller
   9:57 SummerSpongefan20 i never said to join the chat
   I just said he could join the wiki
   9:57 Dirtydan3 Okay mini thing
   9:57 Nicko756 What should the wiki-background have?
   9:57 Dirtydan3 When we have these meetings it needs to be ADMIN ONLY
   SuperFanon'D! has joined the chat.
   SuperFanon'D! has been banned by Auron~Guardian (undo).
   9:58 Nicko756 Chat mods also.
   9:58 Road Runner1 ?
   lol you out of the blew banned him
   9:58 Dirtydan3 Can you make it so only admin/mods can join during meetings?
   9:58 Auron~Guardian until the meeting is over
   we can by kicking the other users
   9:59 Dirtydan3 well I know that
   but its not possible to let only admins and stuff join?
   9:59 Nicko756 Can people we know join the meetings?
   People we trust
   9:59 Dirtydan3 If you trust them sure
   But make sure you tell the to be constructive
   10:00 Auron~Guardian and they don't disrupt
   10:00 Nicko756 Okay
   10:00 Dirtydan3 So I'm thinking we should set dates, for these meetings, and post them somewhere so people know
   10:00 Auron~Guardian well saterday seems to be a good day
   10:00 Road Runner1 yes
   10:01 Dirtydan3 I think twice a week would be good
   10:01 Auron~Guardian we could make a hub for meetiongs
   10:01 Nicko756 Saturday, 9:00 P.M. EST
   10:01 Dirtydan3 So how about Saturday and Wednesday?
   10:01 Auron~Guardian this
   wednesday is buisy for me sometimes
   10:02 Dirtydan3 at 9 pm?
   10:02 Road Runner1 I say once a week
   10:02 Auron~Guardian yes
   10:02 Dirtydan3 Ok for now
   10:02 Road Runner1 once a week on Saturday
   10:02 Auron~Guardian Great!
   10:02 Nicko756 Okay
   10:02 Dirtydan3 Alright lets go to the next topic
   10:02 Riku KH ok..
   10:03 Dirtydan3 So as you guys probably have seen, we have a few users who got fed up, or discriminated by esb and have come here.
   This is good.
   10:04 Auron~Guardian we need to be diverse
   10:04 TrevorOntario719 yep
   10:04 Dirtydan3 If you see any people who feel that way, make sure you tell them to join sbg.
   10:04 TrevorOntario719 notable example:riku
   10:04 Auron~Guardian THAT is what truly distiguishes us
   10:04 Dirtydan3 Yes indeeed
   10:04 Nicko756 Yes
   10:04 Dirtydan3 We gladly take any user who esb throws away.
   10:04 Road Runner1 Hmm..
   10:05 Dirtydan3 or scares away
   10:05 Auron~Guardian doesn't matter if you're black, white, 5 or 99
   10:05 TrevorOntario719 maybe we should've done this while 120d was around
   10:05 Nicko756 We also need a slogan.
   10:05 Auron~Guardian why?
   10:05 TrevorOntario719 as an admin on esb
   10:05 Road Runner1 Earlier today I came to this chat to test something to be sure if someone says a inappriote word it won't dhow up but it did o.O
   10:05 Dirtydan3 What did he do again?
   10:05 Auron~Guardian 120d was a controll freek
   remember burger
   10:06 TrevorOntario719 because people were so ticked off by his behavior and banning the people that were really annoyed could move here
   10:06 Dirtydan3 Oh ok
   10:06 Road Runner1 Eh...
   10:06 Nicko756 We need a slogan.
   10:06 Road Runner1 I don't want Hardink here...
   10:06 Dirtydan3 A slogan would be cool
   10:06 TrevorOntario719 remember when 120d accused amk152 of making esb less of a democracy
   10:06 Auron~Guardian 120d banned an admin for changin g burger to hamburger
   10:07 Road Runner1 All hardink talks about is erhm...rubbing cream on his...
   10:07 Nicko756 ^
   10:07 Dirtydan3 This is not a democracy anymore!
   10:07 Auron~Guardian eww
   10:07 Nicko756 ?
   10:07 Auron~Guardian All hardink talks about is erhm...rubbing cream on his..
   10:07 Road Runner1 so any banned users from ESB joining this wiki doesn't sound like a good idea :/
   10:07 Nicko756 Oh
   10:07 Dirtydan3 I'm not saying that road.
   10:07 Road Runner1 No trevor did
   10:08 Dirtydan3 I'm saying users like Jack
   Who are treated unfairly
   10:08 Auron~Guardian or underaged ones, not trolls
   10:08 Road Runner1 We need Cosmobo
   10:08 Dirtydan3 Or people that simply aren't appreciated there
   10:08 Nicko756 He could join.
   10:08 Road Runner1 Someone ask him on his wiki
   10:09 Auron~Guardian I don't know cosmobo that well so i can't juge him
   10:09 TrevorOntario719 should we make him admin
   10:09 Auron~Guardian no
   10:09 Road Runner1 He's nice @ Auron
   10:09 Auron~Guardian we have enough admins
   10:09 Dirtydan3 I don't know him either
   10:09 TrevorOntario719 how about rollback
   10:09 Nicko756 However, I don't think we should all extremely young users (5 and under).
   10:09 Road Runner1 Nicko, Cosmobo is 12
   10:10 Dirtydan3 Well I don't think many 4 year olds are gonna come on here anyway
   10:10 Nicko756 I know
   10:10 Dirtydan3 Also
   10:10 TrevorOntario719 ITS PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIEM
   10:11 Road Runner1 Trevor please don't go off topic
   10:11 Auron~Guardian trevor thats disruptive
   10:11 Dirtydan3 Everyone should tell everyone they know to come join here, it's not a big deal if they don't want to join. Just make sure they're aware of us.
   10:11 Auron~Guardian okay
   10:11 Dirtydan3 please don't be annoying trevor
   10:11 Road Runner1 No one ask Muchacha though
   10:11 TrevorOntario719 Muchacha already joined the wiki
   10:12 Road Runner1 he says this wiki is just a knock-off
   10:12 Nicko756 He already joined
   10:12 Dirtydan3 Well he's one of the head's of esb so I wouldn't want him anyway.
   10:12 Road Runner1 He only commented on a blog
   @ Dirtydan Nicko is an admin on ESB
   10:12 TrevorOntario719 Well Nicko's a head of ESB
   10:12 Nicko756 Yes I am.
   10:12 Dirtydan3 Isn't muchahca like an bureaucrat?
   10:12 Nicko756 No
   10:12 Road Runner1 No
   10:13 Dirtydan3 oh
   10:13 Auron~Guardian no neither is
   10:13 Dirtydan3 Well Nicko is ok.
   10:13 Road Runner1 brb
   10:13 TrevorOntario719 should we promote cosmobo to rollback
   10:13 Nicko756 He needs to join first
   10:13 Dirtydan3 He has to do stuff on the wiki first
   15 edits before he's promoted to anything.
   10:14 TrevorOntario719 oh yeah
   10:14 Dirtydan3 What I meant to say was, I don't want anyone on here that thinks sbg is just a "knock off"
   10:14 Road Runner1 back
   10:15 Auron~Guardian just added the music player! check out the front page
   10:15 Nicko756 Auron, I don't like that one.
   10:15 Road Runner1 SBG right now i think is the second biggest SpongeBob Wiki that isn't a fanon one
   10:15 Nicko756 *Actually that is ok.
   10:16 Auron~Guardian it's the ending
   10:16 Nicko756 Maybe more than just one.
   I know
   10:16 Dirtydan3 Ok first off
   10:16 TrevorOntario719 Since Road is using his old account what's going to happen to FlameShadow
   10:16 Auron~Guardian ill see what i can find
   10:16 Dirtydan3 Auron I don't want songs with lyrics
   10:16 Road Runner1 @ Trevor Flame Shadow1 is staying as a bcrat
   10:16 Auron~Guardian but we're off topic
   10:16 Dirtydan3 I want like the ambient music from the sb soundtrack
   10:17 Auron~Guardian i'll make a couple so people can chose
   10:17 Road Runner1 Okay
   10:17 Dirtydan3 It's just supposed to add to the feel and experience
   10:17 Road Runner1 so can we continue on with the meeting now?
   10:17 Auron~Guardian yes
   10:17 Dirtydan3 Yes
   10:17 Nicko756 Yes
   10:17 Dirtydan3 Alright so everyone be sure to plaster sbg everywhere.
   Next topic
   Ok right now, one of our best pages is the Video Game Hub.
   10:18 TrevorOntario719 yep
   10:18 Auron~Guardian it need some love though
   10:18 Dirtydan3 We need to improve that page, and add more hubs.
   10:19 TrevorOntario719 i think we should make a spoilers template
   10:19 Auron~Guardian not nesessary
   10:19 Nicko756 The infoboxes now are too dark.
   10:19 Dirtydan3 Trevor let me finish
   10:19 Road Runner1 @ Nicko I fixed it
   10:19 Auron~Guardian it's about a tv show
   10:19 Dirtydan3 guys let me finish
   * Dirtydan3 slams mallet down
   Order in the court
   We need an episode hub, a characters hub, and a merchandise hub.
   10:20 TrevorOntario719 ok
   10:20 Road Runner1 Template:Character here what it looks like now
   10:20 TrevorOntario719 ill work on the episode hub
   10:20 Dirtydan3 Those are the 4 main topics on the wiki.
   10:20 Road Runner1 @ Dirtydan we already have an episode hub
   10:20 TrevorOntario719 i made it
   10:20 Dirtydan3 There was nothing there wheb I checked it\
   10:20 Nicko756 What about a meetings hub?
   10:20 Road Runner1 Hmm...
   10:20 Auron~Guardian yes
   10:21 TrevorOntario719 yes
   10:21 Dirtydan3 I wouldn't call it a meetings "hub"
   10:21 TrevorOntario719 should we promote jacktheguy5
   10:21 Dirtydan3 Hubs are only for topics
   10:21 Auron~Guardian NO MORE ADMINS
   10:21 Dirtydan3 Trevor please stay on topic or I will kick you
   10:21 Road Runner1 Who got promoted to admin?
   10:21 TrevorOntario719 no one
   10:21 Dirtydan3 Just put meetings under the Community tab
   10:22 Auron~Guardian nobody trevor keeps asking
   10:22 Dirtydan3 I'm about one more interruption from kicking trevor
   10:22 Road Runner1 Dirtydan you can't kick him
   you can only ban him
   10:22 Nicko756 ?
   10:22 Dirtydan3 Oh whatever
   10:23 TrevorOntario719 okay okay
   10:23 Dirtydan3 okay
   We also need a news hub
   10:24 Auron~Guardian we have news on the front page
   10:24 Dirtydan3 I know, but it needs a hub as well.
   Put links to articles, videos, etc in the hub
   10:24 TrevorOntario719 I don't think we need one
   10:24 Road Runner1 No we don't need a news hub
   10:24 Dirtydan3 Yes we do Road.
   10:24 Road Runner1 We have News on the main page
   10:24 Dirtydan3 I know
   10:25 Road Runner1 If anyone makes th New Hub I WILL delete it as we don't need it
   10:25 Dirtydan3 Thats just for people to get a brief summary of the news
   10:25 Nicko756 Oh Auron, I can add trivia games.
   10:25 Road Runner1 We have it on the MAIN PAGE Dirtydan -____-
   10:25 Dirtydan3 Oh Please do nicko
   10:25 Auron~Guardian lets link them to userpages
   just so they don't spam the mainpages
   10:26 Dirtydan3 You don't understand
   The front page will have a brief summary of the news on it.
   The hub however
   10:26 Road Runner1 We don't need the NEws hub
   10:27 Nicko756 I would need some SpongeBob trivia questions.
   10:27 Dirtydan3 Will have much more in depth analaysis of the news, along with links to articles on the web, videos, interviews, etc
   10:27 Road Runner1 Dude
   10:27 Dirtydan3 This is something that's not debateable
   10:27 Road Runner1 not that much news on SpongeBob is even going on right now
   10:27 Auron~Guardian sigh....
   10:28 Road Runner1 We don't need it
   10:28 Dirtydan3 Dude theres a movie coming out!
   10:28 Road Runner1 in a year
   10:28 Dirtydan3 Then the new season!
   10:28 Road Runner1 in a year
   10:28 Dirtydan3 Theres gonna be more trailers, interviews and stuff
   10:28 Road Runner1 Both are in a year
   lets move on
   10:28 Dirtydan3 I'm not saying the news hub is a PRIORITY
   10:28 Nicko756 Next...
   10:29 Road Runner1 hmm...
   10:29 Dirtydan3 It just needs to be made, then we can fill it in later.
   10:29 Road Runner1 strange the charcater info box won't change its color
   10:29 Dirtydan3 I will decide when the topic is over.
   Alright moving on....
   10:29 Road Runner1 Please, lets continue on
   10:30 Dirtydan3 We already kinda discussed this but, does anyone have anymore ideas on what else to add to the main page?
   10:31 Nicko756 Links to the hubs.
   10:31 Auron~Guardian that's on the navbar
   10:31 Dirtydan3 Thats on the nav bar though
   10:32 Road Runner1 brb
   10:32 Dirtydan3 Look at esb for inspiration
   remember what "inspiration" means
   10:34 Nicko756 A "featured article" section.
   10:34 Dirtydan3 Yes
   10:34 Nicko756 Also UTOM.
   10:34 Dirtydan3 I was thinking like an article of the week or day etc
   10:34 Nicko756 *UOTM
   10:34 Auron~Guardian Idon't know..
   10:35 Dirtydan3 Nicko save that thought please
   10:35 Road Runner1 back
   10:35 Auron~Guardian that's unoriginal
   10:35 Dirtydan3 Auron what?
   What is?
   10:35 Road Runner1 UOTM
   10:35 Auron~Guardian UOTM
   ESB has it
   10:35 Dirtydan3 I know, should we just get to that topic now?
   10:35 Road Runner1 OUTW?
   10:36 Dirtydan3 No no no
   10:36 Nicko756 Featured image.
   10:36 Auron~Guardian random image
   youi mean
   10:36 Nicko756 Yes
   10:36 Road Runner1 yes I like that idea
   10:36 Dirtydan3 however I do want an article of the week section on the main page
   or day
   10:36 Auron~Guardian random artical of the day
   10:37 Road Runner1 nah
   10:37 Dirtydan3 No featured article
   We'll highlight the best articles we have
   10:37 Auron~Guardian yes a random article
   10:37 TrevorOntario719 I don't see why not
   10:37 Dirtydan3 We can do both
   10:37 TrevorOntario719 I think we should have a SBG Hall of Fame
   10:38 Auron~Guardian UM NO
   10:38 Dirtydan3 dude we just started...
   10:38 Nicko756 Polls
   10:38 Dirtydan3 maybe in 10 years lol
   Polls yes
   10:38 Road Runner1 SBG Hall of Fame?
   10:38 Dirtydan3 I hope someone is keeping track of all this stuff...
   10:38 Road Runner1 Hmm...
   10:38 Nicko756 Hmm.
   10:39 Dirtydan3 Road we cant have a hall of fame
   10:39 Auron~Guardian yes
   10:39 Road Runner1 SBG Hall of Fame...
   I like that idea
   10:39 Auron~Guardian NO
   10:39 Dirtydan3 NO
   we have like 10 users lol
   10:39 Road Runner1 you didn't let me finish -_-
   10:40 Auron~Guardian unless you mean the leaderboard
   10:40 Dirtydan3 Thats another thing
   Can we just move on for now?
   10:41 Auron~Guardian yes
   10:41 Nicko756 Yes
   10:41 Dirtydan3 Alright
   Getting at what auron mentioned, new users are gonna need incentive to keep editing.
   So I'm thinking we keep track of their edits in a leaderboard type thing
   10:42 Road Runner1 * Road Runner1 facepalms
   We can't keep track of every edit they make
   10:43 Dirtydan3 why not?
   10:43 Road Runner1 that would be like editing it every minute
   No wiki has ever done that either
   10:43 Dirtydan3 Omg -__-
   10:43 Nicko756 ...
   10:43 Dirtydan3 We don't need to update it every minute!
   10:43 Nicko756 
   It's automatied
   10:43 Dirtydan3 At the end of every day
   10:44 Nicko756 No
   10:44 Road Runner1 We already have special pages for editors eits
   10:44 Dirtydan3 or something automated
   10:44 Road Runner1 Hmm...
   lemme get it
   10:44 Nicko756 Like this:
   10:44 Dirtydan3 Road this is about changing the wiki and diffeerentiating it if you didnt get that part
   Yes like that, except different.
   10:45 Road Runner1 Special:ListUsers/sysop here where you can keep track of em all
   what da hell...
   when did AMK, AW10, and Calzone edit here?
   10:46 Nicko756 0 - This displays the edit count automatically.
   10:46 Dirtydan3 i dont see them
   10:46 Road Runner1 Thats messed up
   My thing must be glitching or something....
   10:47 Dirtydan3 I'm also thinking to go along with the leaderboard...
   XBoltBladerX has joined the chat.
   XBoltBladerX has been kicked by Auron~Guardian.
   XBoltBladerX has joined the chat.
   XBoltBladerX has been kicked by Auron~Guardian.
   XBoltBladerX has joined the chat.
   10:48 XBoltBladerX What are you doing??
   10:48 Nicko756 I think that is from the admins template: Template:Admins?action=history.
   10:48 XBoltBladerX Why do you keep kicking me?
   10:48 Auron~Guardian please leave we are having a meeting
   10:48 TrevorOntario719 hello
   10:48 Road Runner1 Template:Admins?action=history wtf...
   XBoltBladerX has left the chat.
   10:48 Dirtydan3 Auron jeez...
   10:49 Nicko756 Auron...
   10:49 Road Runner1 This wiki is not 2 years old
   10:49 Dirtydan3 tell them we're having a meeting before you kick them!
   That came across as rude and uncalled for
   10:49 Auron~Guardian okay...sorry
   10:49 Dirtydan3 That's exactly what we DON'T want to do.
   10:50 Nicko756 That isn't user friendly.
   10:50 Dirtydan3 I'd apoplogize to him later... we don't want to lose users
   especially at this stage
   10:50 Auron~Guardian I said I was sorry wont do it againd
   10:50 Dirtydan3 Okay
   10:50 Nicko756 Okay
   10:51 Dirtydan3 but I would tell him your sorry on his wall
   and explain what was going on
   Okay Auron?
   10:52 Auron~Guardian just apoligized
   10:52 Dirtydan3 Okay good.
   10:52 Auron~Guardian Hey bolt sorry about that 10:51 XBoltBladerX It's fine lol 10:51 Auron~Guardian we are having a meeting that's all 10:51 XBoltBladerX Okay
   10:52 Dirtydan3 Now back to what I was saying...
   I don't know if any of you have played the iphone game quizup....
   10:53 Nicko756 ??
   10:53 Auron~Guardian no...
   10:53 Dirtydan3 But it's a trivia game and whoever has the most points in a specific category at the end of the month gets a banner below there name
   10:54 Auron~Guardian yeah i see where this is going no
   10:54 Dirtydan3 that says "Best in spongebob july 2014" or whatever
   So I'm thinking something like that for the top 3 in edits at the end of each month
   10:54 Auron~Guardian we don't want to encourage competitive ess
   10:54 Nicko756 Auron, do you know what happened with the admins template.
   10:54 Auron~Guardian no.
   10:54 Dirtydan3 No Auron we do.
   10:54 Auron~Guardian um no
   10:54 Road Runner1 Why did it take the history with it?
   10:55 Dirtydan3 Thats the best way to get people to contribute
   10:55 Road Runner1 so now AMK and AW10 have edits on this wiki :|
   Thats messed up
   10:55 Dirtydan3 Them having a reason to do it, or INCENTIVE
   10:55 Auron~Guardian we need to encourage it with EQUALITY
   10:55 Nicko756 Special:Contributions/AW10
   10:55 Dirtydan3 Auron this has nothing to do with "equality"
   Does a trivia game with a leaderboard promote inequality?
   10:56 Nicko756 AW10 made an edit in 2011 on this wiki.
   10:56 Dirtydan3 I don't think so.
   10:56 Nicko756 Auron: Template:Roundy?action=history.
   10:56 Dirtydan3 It's just a promotion type thing to get people excited about editing.
   10:56 Road Runner1 WHAT THE HELL
   10:57 Dirtydan3 It will reset every month so everyone has a shot.
   10:57 Auron~Guardian that's why we have the leaderbo
   10:57 Road Runner1 Why does it carry the history with it?
   10:57 Dirtydan3 Auron are you listening at all to what I'm saying?
   It's just a thing to make people WANT TO EDIT
   All it has to be as a little thing on their profile page
   10:58 Auron~Guardian that's what the leaderboard does
   10:58 Dirtydan3 That's a way we differentiate ourselves from esb as well
   This goes along with the leadorboard!!
   It's just saying you're at the top for this month!
   It's not a big deal, just a cool touch.
   10:59 Road Runner1 Special:WikiStats/breakdown this is cool
   Thats how we can keep track of users editing
   11:02 Dirtydan3 man my pc just spazzed out
   11:02 Nicko756 Chat lag.
   11:03 Dirtydan3 My whole computer lagged as well
   11:03 Road Runner1 hm
   11:03 Dirtydan3 I hope auron understands what I'm saying now
   11:04 Auron~Guardian chat crashed
   11:04 Dirtydan3 it did
   Auron do you understand what I was saying yet?
   Jacktheguy5 has joined the chat. 
   11:05 Auron~Guardian i guess
   jeeez it's been 2 hours
   11:05 Dirtydan3
   All I want you to do, is whoever has the most edits for the month, put a thing on 
   their page that says "Most edits September 2014"
   11:06 Jacktheguy5 Hi, is the meeting over yet?
   11:06 Dirtydan3 simple
   11:06 Auron~Guardian for the top 10
   11:06 Dirtydan3 Almost jack
   Nah right now top 3
   11:06 Jacktheguy5 Shoot, okay bye.
   11:06 Road Runner1 You don't have to go
   11:06 Auron~Guardian okay 5
   11:06 Dirtydan3 give us about 20 mins
   Fine you haggler
   11:06 Jacktheguy5 20 mins? Okay I will be back by 9:30.
   11:06 TrevorOntario719 looks good
   TrevorOntario719 has joined the chat. 
   11:07 Road Runner1 So the top 5 editors get what?
   11:07 Auron~Guardian just a tag
   that's it
   11:08 Dirtydan3 yes
   9:30 you must be out west...
   ok just a few more things
   Jacktheguy5 has left the chat. 
   11:09 Dirtydan3 First off, I hope someone or something is recording what we've 
   been saying
   11:09 Auron~Guardian yes
   11:10 Dirtydan3 What is?
   11:10 Auron~Guardian i'm acting as the "bot"
   as in i'm logging it
   11:10 Dirtydan3 Well "bot" I need you to make a page once this is over with all       
   the important things we discussed
   Put it under the meetings section
   If thats been made yet
   Which should be under the community tab
   be sure to put today's date and that meetings will be held on saturdays at 9
   11:12 Auron~Guardian okay, meetings isn't made yet
   11:13 Dirtydan3 Well make that page then
   and do what I told you
   11:14 Auron~Guardian okay will do
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