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Merge with ESB

Resolved: Merge will not happen, SBG to remain independent. We will not copy content from them and they won't copy from us.
Top 5 Semi Resolved: Tags will be added to top 5 contributors. Style debated, User Tags vs. Template.
colour of templates/infoboxes Resolved: Purple outline with tan background. Changes still possible
SBG II Resolved: Will be renamed and turned into our fanon wiki. To remain as side project for now.
Polls Resolved: Polls to get their own separate page. Poll page will be linked to main page. Auron will set up a separate page for them.
Tabs Resolved: SBG to develop it's own unique tabs. Tabs already being built by Auron.
Hubs Resolved:Tables to be added to hubs if discussion is made, episode hubs to be renamed by season.
Promoting the Wiki Resolved: Wiki to be promoted via social networking and other means.
Quizzes Resolved, pending further research: Quizzes will get their own page. Further research needed to implement them.
Infoboxes Resolved: More info boxes to be added as we expand.
Movie 2 Countdown Resolved: Timer to be added to front page. Design will be unique from ESB's "circles".

Other notes

to be added!