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Mrs. Poppy Puff is SpongeBob SquarePants's teacher at Boating School. She is a puffer fish and when ever SpongeBob crashes a boat during his boating test, she puffs up. When she puffs up her voice will get much deeper much like a man's. SpongeBob is never able to pass his boating test as seen in numerous episodes. The closest SpongeBob got was in the season 9 episode "Bumper to Bumper."

She is Eugene H. Krabs's long-standing girlfriend. Their romance is a focal point of "Krusty Love," "Whirly Brains," "Feral Friends," and "My Two Krabses." It is also referenced in minor ways in various other episodes, especially from season 10 onward.

Her husband Mr. Puff is shown to have been captured, killed and turned into a lamp before the events of the series. Though she may have actually never been married, since she had said in one episode that she would have to move to a different town and get a new name, suggesting her last name isn't really even Puff. As the series goes on she continues to seem to rather want to kill SpongeBob then get him out of her boating school.

"Uhh...we got a problem here"

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