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Pearl Krabs is a teenage whale. She lives with her father, Mr. Krabs, in a hollow anchor house. She is very self-conscious and wants to fit in with the fish of Bikini Bottom. This is difficult because she is so big. She often needs SpongeBob to help her with her problems, and SpongeBob is always more than happy to lend a hand.

Stephen Hillenburg named Pearl as his favorite character on the show. He was inspired to create Pearl while working as a tour guide for whale watches at the Ocean Institute. He drew her as a sperm whale, a dark gray species of whale with a rectangular head.

Stephen Hillenburg was strongly against ever revealing the identity of Pearl's mother on the show. As a result, the difference in species between Pearl and Mr. Krabs (whale vs. crab) is never addressed in the episodes.

Pearl and one of her friends are known to have changed the word cool to coral, but when Mr. Krabs began to say "coral" to replace "cool" Pearl called her friend Judy and told her the word coral was out.

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"You doodle! Me SpongeBob!"

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