SBG:Requests for Rollback/SpongeBot678 has now ended, so this means no one else can now vote once its over, it has been protected and should NEVER BE EDITED unless it must be, a reason must be given as to why it should be edited once closed.

Hello there, I am SpongeBot678, and today I am requesting for rollback, here on SpongeBob Galaxy. I first edited here in February 2017. I took a look at the wiki again in June 2018, and noticed that the wiki needed cleaning up, and also more information, and so I started becoming more active, and have since been editing everyday, and I now have over 100 edits. I have tried my best at cleaning up this wiki, and adding more information, but there are some things I can't quite do yet, I can't edit protected pages, and I can't rollback edits, or delete pages that are not needed here. Now you might be wondering why I am not requesting for adminship, and the reason for that is I feel before going to a very high position, I need experience in a smaller position first in order to gain trust from users here. I promise that if this request passes I will only use my rollback powers for reverting vandalism and unnecessary edits, and not to abuse my powers on purpose. Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to read this request. SpongeBot678 (talk)


  • Support Support - You seem determined to help this wiki in the best ways possible so why not?— Golfpecks256 [ Talk • Contribs ] 14:18, July 19, 2018 (UTC)
  • Support Support - I've taken notice of your editing and dedication to editing everyday. For this wiki that helps in the longterm. Xenos001 (talk)




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