SBG:Requests for adminship/Golfpecks has now ended, so this means no one else can now vote once its over, it has been protected and should NEVER BE EDITED unless it must be, a reason must be given as to why it should be edited once closed.

Golfpecks (wall contribs 0)

I would like to be administrator on this wikia as it seems very abandoned and there are currently no active administrators or bureaucrats at the moment. I believe if I get these rights, I will help maintain the wikia. Possibly, I might have to make an adoption request but that is ok with me. This is similar to a consensus and I will be editing more frequently for the next couple of weeks. I am trustworthy and have years of experience and I am admin on 2 wikias and bureaucrat on 3. I am current rollback on the Encyclopedia SpongeBobia and I make useful edits. Therefore, if I become admin, I will help edit protected pages and clean up this wikia and try my best to make it active again. — Golfpecks (Wall • Contrib)


Support Support - I support you heavily, but there aren't any active admins here, so who would appoint you? - Xenos001




  • One Krabby Patty, hold the mayonnaise. -- 15:01, October 1, 2017 (UTC)
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