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Galaxy Cloud is a project that is unique to SpongeBob Galaxy.

What is the cloud?

SBG Cloud takes it's name from the term Cloud Computing.[1]

Cloud computing means that while computers are separate from one another on the network, all computers can share information within the cloud.

SpongeBob Galaxy Cloud uses this concept in a unique way. While sites within the Cloud share information and users, they also stay individual from SpongeBob Galaxy. In other words, they are not required to merge.

So how does it work?

SBG Cloud works in a unique way, any site within the cloud is free to exchange information with each other while remaining it's own site.

The SBG Cloud shares information while keeping sites seperate


The benefits of this system are It shares information between sites. Yet the sites remain independently operated. Each site that joins the cloud has it's own administrators, layout, and content but they share information such as news, articles, ideas, and users. 

How do I join?

Anyone can join! As long as your site has something to do with SpongeBob SquarePants it can join the Cloud!

To join, simply leave a message on one of the fallowing user's walls and you will be added to the SBG Cloud tab on our navbar:



These are all websites whom are members of the Galaxy Cloud

Website Main Admin
SpongeBob Wiki Sherry Mitchell