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Tea at the Treedome
Tea at the Treedome
Season 1
Episode 1c
Paired With "Help Wanted" and "Reef Blower"
Airdate 1st May 1999
Written By Peter Burns, Doug Lawrence, Paul Tibbitt
Executive Producer Stephen Hillenburg
Storyboard Paul Tibbit
Storyboard Artist Mark O'Hare
Animation Tom Yasumi

"Tea at the Treedome" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from Season 1, being the 1c episode, and 3rd segment in the series. In this episode, SpongeBob meets an aquatic squirrel named Sandy Cheeks, and is invited into her underwater "treedome."


SpongeBob attempts to catch a Jellyfish with his net but fails. While doing so he hears a noise and finds out a squirrel is in danger. He rushes in to help her out but he ends up getting caught inside. The squirrel kicks the clam out of sight.

They introduce themselves with funny jokes and impressive moves. The squirrels name is Sandy who is an land creature meaning she has to wear an helmet for protection which SpongeBob thinks its a head full of air. Sandy invites SpongeBob for tea and cookies at her treedome.

He goes to Patrick for advice which Patrick thinks she is being posh. So SpongeBob tries to act posh to impress her. He walks in with some flowers but the water drains and when the door eventually opens he is introduced to air. SpongeBob starts to get worried and soon after he dries up. Sandy gives him a tour but all SpongeBob is bothered about is water. He jumps in the birdbath only to be kicked back by a bird.

Its now time for tea and cookies. SpongeBob hands her some flowers but due to him drying up his hand nearly comes apart. Before anything else happens the oven dings. SpongeBob watches the vase of water. Finally, he can't take it and drinks the whole lot the runs around frantically. Patrick enters to avoid SpongeBob embarrassing himself. 

Patrick thinks SpongeBob is shy until he experiences the hot air. They both make a run for the door but neither of them can open it despite all the pushing and shoving. Sandy enters with the tea and cookies but drops them in shock after seeing SpongeBob and Patrick dried up. Sandy then fills 2 helmets full of water for SpongeBob and Patrick. They drink their tea but SpongeBob and Patrick spills it due to the helmets so Sandy puts the bags inside both helmets. They drink the tea in relief. 




  • This is the first non-short episode of the series.
  • Sponges don't dry up contrary to what the episode shows. They absorb water and then the water evaporates but they don't dry up due to the material they are made of.
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