The Great Snail Race

"The Great Snail Race" is an episode from season three. In this episode, SpongeBob enters Gary into a snail race.


The episode starts with SpongeBob waking up and blowing a trumpet into Gary's face. The scene switches over to Squidward's house where the mailman gives Squidward a package and misprounces Squidward's lastname as "Tennisballs". This causes SpongeBob to question whether Squidward's lastname is really "Tentacles". Squidward opens the package and shows off his purebred snail, Snellie. After SpongeBob says Snellie could be Gary's new playmate, Squidward tells SpongeBob she is a purebred, and that he is entering her into the Bikini Bottom Snail Race. Pattick doesn't understand what "purebred" means, and mistakes it for meaning Snellie is made of bread. Squidward tells SpongeBob he won't be able to enter Gary into the Snail Race due to him being a "mutt". Telling this offends SpongeBob, and he decides to begin training Gary for the Snail Race.

SpongeBob begins training Gary and Squidward attempts to demoralize SpongeBob training Gary. Patrick also reveals he has a snail entered in to the competition, but it's revealed to simply be a rock. Seeing that Gary is lazy and doesn't want to train, SpongeBob forces Gary to train while not realizing Gary does not want to. SpongeBob makes a shake with random ingredients for Gary to drink. Later, SpongeBob begins going overboard and making Gary train day and night. On the day of the race, Gary is clearly exhausted and physically unhealthy. After Pattick mistakes the referee for a burglar and SpongeBob informs Patrick the "burglar" is just the referee and a long opening ceremony where Larry Luciano takes hours to light the torch, the race begins. The race starts with only Snellie begining to move. SpongeBob tells Gary to start racing, and he does. As he continues, he begins to breakdown, literally. After his shell explodes and reveals an engine, Gary crashes violently and rams into the wall. SpongeBob runs out to help Gary, and Gary tells SpongeBob he wasn't listening to Gary. Snellie is near the finish line, but she goes back to comfort Gary to Squidward's anger. The race ends, and Squidward questions who won, the scene then shows that Rocky won. Pattick is thrown flowers. Patrick dedicates the trophy to Squidward, but the trophy misspells his last name as "Tortellini". The episode ends with Sandy punting SpongeBob after an earlier comment that Gary was a lady due to him nkt wanting to train.
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