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Waking Up Is Hard To Do is a comic strip in SpongeBob Comics No. 1.



SpongeBob wakes up and grabs a box of cereal, he notices the box has a prize notice. SpongeBob looks for the prize, but he instead pulls out a monster. SpongeBob then wakes up and is visibly shaken, he repeats his morning routine and this time chooses to empty the box out first to find the prize; instead, infinite amounts of cereal come out, the monster then reappears and roars.

SpongeBob wakes up again, but now in a black void. A bright light appears, and it's revealed to be the Monster, who takes the toy out himself, revealing the toy to be SpongeBob. SpongeBob wakes up again, visibly scared, and nervously looks at the cereal box. He then decides that he'll have pancakes instead.